Which is it, Mitt?

Is he pro-Life?

Eventually, he said that he’s “firmly pro-life.”

But first, he said that “abortion should be safe and legal in this country.”

So which is it, Mitt?

What does he think of Obamacare?

Eventually, he called Obamacare “bad news.”

But first, he was perfectly comfortable calling himself its grandfather.

So which is it, Mitt?

How does he feel about illegal immigrants?

Eventually, he said there should be “no special pathway to citizenship.”

But first, he wanted a path to citizenship for large numbers of illegal aliens.

So which is it, Mitt?

How does he like Reagan?

Eventually, he said that Ronald Reagan’s policies “helped turn around a struggling economy and create millions of jobs.”

But first, he said they lead to the “breakdown of the family,” and that he’s “not trying to return to Reagan-Bush.”

So which is it, Mitt?

What’s his position on guns?

Eventually, he bragged about “legislation that expanded the rights of gun owners.”

But first, he passed the first permanent ban on assault weapons in any U.S. state.

So which is it, Mitt?

Does he even own a gun?

First, he said he owned a gun.

But four days later, he said he didn’t.

So which is it, Mitt?