St. George Attorney Larry Meyers Running For US Senate


St. George attorney Larry Meyers is seeking the Utah Republican Party nomination for the US Senate, for the seat held by Senator Orrin Hatch, in 2018.  “It’s time for a fresh face in the Senate,” Meyers said.  “We need someone with traditional values who represents all of Utah’s voters, not just the rich and powerful.  I will be a strong voice supporting President Trump’s agenda and fighting for Utah in the Senate.”

Meyers is a graduate of Brigham Young University and the BYU Law School and previously worked as a prosecuting attorney in Washington County.  As the former chairman of the Southwestern Special Service District, he has experience in balancing budgets and providing local community services.  Meyers has also served as a Republican county party officer and state central committee member, as well as being elected as a Utah GOP National Delegate in 2008 and 2016.

“My top priorities are securing our borders, cleaning up scandal-plagued federal agencies (such as the BLM and the FBI), cutting spending, balancing the budget, defunding Planned Parenthood, eliminating Common Core, and returning Utah’s public lands back to the State of Utah,” Meyers declared.

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